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Enterprise goals :  first-rate quality, so a hundred years
Enterprise mission :  to serve the country, contributing to society, staff achievements
Enterprise purpose :  to create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, create wealth for society
The spirit of enterprise :  the pursuit of excellence, super jump self, create brilliant
Enterprise style :  rapid response, immediate action
Quality Policy :  exceed customer expectations is our eternal pursuit of goals
Quality goal :  to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the machinery and equipment to quality and innovation
Core values :  concentric with the force to create a shared

The customer is god, ever smiling face of the complaints and grievances on proactively solve problems for customers, standing in the position of customers think, on a principled basis, and eventually reach the customer and the company are satisfied, and advance awareness and take preventive measures.

Actively integrate into the team, and take the initiative to give the necessary help to colleagues with the team to complete the work, and good use of the power of the team to solve the problem, not the personal preferences into the work, positive impact on the team. Positive constructive views before making any decision, and full participation in team discussions; decision-making, whether individual disagrees with full support from the words and deeds must.

Business integrity, honest and frank anyway, admit mistakes, and the courage to take responsibility. Not selfish and loss righteous cause; private grudges and loss teams; personal likes and dislikes and loss enterprise; does not spread unconfirmed news, not talking about things and people behind the irresponsible. Faith conduct does not harm the interests of the company correctly and effectively prevented in time.                Love the company, the overall situation, anywhere maintenance Jinke image, professional dedication, get rid of the lazy behavior, positive and optimistic attitude to face the day-to-day work, encounter difficulties and setbacks never give up, what happened today is not until tomorrow, working hours only work-related things, and follow the workflow, and according to the priorities to properly arrange work priority.